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Welcome to the fast and exciting world of Monty Racing, Inc. Monty Racing specializes in the modification of Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors. Monty Racing can help you realize your dreams of being the fastest boat on the water. Monty Racing goes the extra mile to make you experience the thrill of what a Johnson and Evinrude is truly capable of in a high performance application.

Within any aspect of the outboard motor, from your weekend bass boat to your competition drag boat, Monty Racing can help you with your high performance needs. Owner Gordon "Monty" Montague is dedicated to achieving results and will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you meet your needs.

Monty Racing has achieved national recognition in the Outboard Drag Boat Racing scene and currently owns and sponsors a highly modified, V6 or V8 Johnson powered Triad Custom Race Boat. In the outboard drag circuit, Monty Racing's record speaks for itself. Monty Racing motors have been known to regularly compete with and outperform the competition. Just imagine what Monty Racing can do for you!

If you don't want to race but just want to out-run your boating buddy, check out Monty Racing's River Racer and Bass Packages. You make the decision — from the mild to the wild, Monty Racing will help you meet your high performance needs.

Monty Racing also offers a variety of Products and Services including Monty Racing developed and tested intake manifolds. Curious about how much horsepower your motor makes? Monty Racing offers a full Dyno Service and can help satisfy your curiosity by testing your motor on their Land and Sea dynamometer.

How would you like the Monty Racing race boat to be YOUR travelling billboard? Sponsorship packages are now available.

If you're not a boat owner or racer but just like racing stuff, check out our Monty Racing our Photo Gallery. You're sure to get a 'kick' out of it.

And finally–Are you looking to Buy or Sell power boat equipment? Monty Racing has its own Classifieds to assist you. To place an ad, contact Monty Racing.

Need more information or want to place an ad? Feel free to check out our Price List or email us at

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